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Our rent-a-car rates are determined by supply, demand and market conditions. Quoted rates for our car rentals in Bridgetown Barbados, are only guaranteed at the time they are quoted. Vehicle hire works on a 24 hour basis – e.g. if you hire a vehicle at 11 a.m. and return it at 11 a.m. the next day, this would be considered a one (1) day rental. Extra charges will be applied if the vehicle is returned late.

All rates quoted include unlimited mileage.

Age and License Requirements 

Hirer/Drivers must be over 25 and under 80 years of age and possess a valid driver’s license. Persons 70 years and older MUST produce a medical certificate to confirm fitness to drive. Each driver must have held a valid driving license for at least two years – this license must be produced at the time of delivery of the vehicle, this is necessary for repeated clients as well. 

Visitors Driving Permits (Barbados)

To drive in Barbados it is mandatory to obtain a valid Barbados driving license or permit. Visitors staying for two (2) months, a fee of $5 USD; and those more than two (2) months; but not more than twelve (12) months, will be charged a fee of $50 USD. Visitors have two options: 
  1. The Visitor's driving permit can be obtained online from the Barbados government for $5 USD each see Visitors Driving Permit Application
  2. It can be acquired through our website when you make your reservations for the same $5 USD.

Extension of Hire

Requests for extension of the hire should be made 24 hours ahead of the return date, while we make every effort to allow extensions they are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed.

Cancellation Policy

Clients are asked to inform us as soon as they know that they need to cancel the reservation. The reservation status will be changed to No Show if the client has not shown up for the car within 24 hours, and has not contacted us to change the delivery details. At peak times, such as at Christmas/new years and Crop over festival time the cancellation notice period is 48 hours. You may cancel your reservation at any time. if payment was made through this site, you will get a full refund if cancelation is made 24 hours before the Pick up time, a USD$50 cancelation fee will apply if cancelation is made less than 24 hour prior the pick up time. 

Fuel Policy

Vehicles are delivered with FULL tank of fuel. Clients have two options:

  1. Return the car with a full tank. If this is not done there will be a refueling and service charges at the end of hire.  An admin charge of USD 12.50 is added if we have to refill the tank for you.
  2. Clients may opt to pay for a FULL tank on delivery of vehicle, and may return the vehicle as empty as possible.

Child Seats

Child/booster seats are available for hire with our car rentals in Bridgetown Barbados - The price is $10 US per day.

Extra Drivers

There is an additional driver’s charge of $3.00 USD per day per driver, with a maximum charge of US$50.00 per rental per driver.  The primary driver's spouse is exempt from additional driver charges. The 2nd drivers permit is $5.00 USD. 

Insurance Coverage

Our vehicles are comprehensively insured (which includes third party liability). If the vehicle is damaged the renter is responsible for the deductible of $2,000 US. The basic insurance does NOT cover damages to tyres/rims, hub caps, windshields, interior damage and lost/damaged keys/fobs. 

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)/Excess Waiver (EW)

The client may purchase our COLLISION DAMAGE WAIVER (or excess waiver) (CDW or EW) at a cost of $10 USD per day – this reduces the deductible to $ 250 USD if the vehicle is damaged. The (CDW) does NOT cover damages to tyres/rims, hub caps, windshields, interior damage and lost/damaged keys/fobs. If (CDW) is accepted, responsibility for damages is reduced to USD $250.00 providing the vehicle is operating in good condition. CDW does not cover damage to tyres/rims or cigarette burns to upholstery.  A Pre-Authorization is a one time transaction that will be placed on your credit card for an amount of US$250.00 which will be released by the client’s financial institution at the end of the hire. Please note that the release time varies depending on your issuing financial institution. 

(CDW)/(EW) Refused

If (CDW) is declined, the hirer accepts full responsibility up to USD $2,000 for loss, damage or loss of the vehicle caused by accident, fire or theft, regardless of who is at fault. A Pre-Authorization of a one time transaction will be placed on your credit card for an amount of USD $1,000.00. Please note that the release time varies depending on your issuing financial institution. 

Unlimited Mileage

Unlimited mileage is included with the rate of our car rentals in Bridgetown Barbados.

Delayed Flights

Please inform us of this matter by phone or email as soon as possible. Providing us in advance with your flight details may also be useful so that we will be aware of flight changes and may hold the car for up to an hour. MasterDrive Car Rentals Ltd takes no responsibility for any loss, damage or changes of plans caused for the reason that your flight was delayed or canceled.

Delivery Service

We deliver to any private residence, villa or hotel. We do NOT deliver to or collect from the Cruise Terminal. Charges may apply.

Keys and Fobs

Vehicle keys are NOT waterproof – the client will be fully responsible for the cost of replacement of lost or damaged keys and key fobs.

Smoking / Valet Charges

We are a 100% Non-Smoking Fleet. In cases where vehicles are returned with an offensive odour (e.g smoke) or excessive debris in the interior, clients will be charged up to a maximum of $200 USD for the cost of a professional valet service.

Payment Methods

We accept payment by Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover Credit Cards for our car rentals in Bridgetown Barbados. We also accept payment in cash (US, Canadian, Sterling and Euros) and PayPal, but do require a pre-authorisation on a credit card where payment is made in cash.

Tyre Policy

Tyre damage is not covered by our Excess Waiver. Flat tyres are repaired free of charge, but if a tyre or rim has been damaged beyond repair, the client will be charged for the cost of replacement. It is therefore imperative that clients check the tyres carefully when the vehicle is delivered to them.

Roadside Assistance 

We offer roadside assistance service in case of emergencies. Telephone: 1-246-837-9843. For accidents please contact Telephone: 1-246-233-8600.